Balearic Islands

4 unequal islands are waiting for you


Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera are the main islands forming the archipelago of the Balearic Islands. These are the four islands that have long become a popular holiday destination, thanks to the good weather throughout most of the year, its beaches and gastronomy, and all this against the stunning background of an unforgettable beautiful landscape.

On the other hand, we find the island of Cabrera close to Mallorca. It is the smallest island of all and it stands protected as a Natural Park. If authorized, you may access it by boat from Mallorca with either a touristic or a private boat.

The Balearic Islands are east of the Spanish Peninsula, surrounded by the warmth of the Mediterranean Sea. S'Espalmador or Dragonera islets are also part of this archipelago.

Each island has its own particular traits that differ from the rest. The official language in the Balearic Islands is Catalan, although we will find that the Mallorcan, Menorcan or Ibizan dialects are also present on the islands. Despite this, the Spanish language is also spoken by the majority of the population.


Mallorca is the largest of the islands and the one with the greatest landscape diversity. With flat terrain, 262 beaches on its coastline and a mighty mountain range called Serra de Tramuntana, Mallorca delivers a privileged variety of sensations that visitors love immediately.

Apart from beaches and hiking, this island offers a generous amount of striking towns to visit, such as Sóller or Andratx, a sensational selection of water sports such as sailing, diving, kayaking, as well as gratifying boat trips, nightlife to satisfy all tastes, rural tourism and accommodation of all kinds.

Its gastronomy and typical products are well known. Standing out among them are products such as the local sobrasada and ensaimada, wine and olive oil, but also the natural gift of the Mallorcan pearls and the unmatched handmade leather products admired by everyone.

Palma, the capital of Mallorca, is a very important touristic area that offers a fascinating combination of different points of interest to visit such as the cathedral, Bellver Castle and the old town, along a wide variety of places to lodge, a straightforward system of public transport and wonderful nearby beaches.


Menorca is smaller in size, with a practically flat terrain and characterized by talayotic remains that attract our attention when enjoying the landscape. Mahón is the capital along Ciutadella, the main cities of the island.

It has beaches of infinite beauty and plenty of charming corners. It is an island for those seeking a serene holiday. However, this tranquillity will be briefly altered by the festivities of San Juan around June 24th, when the partying and the bustle dominates the city of Ciutadella.

Also widely known is the local cheese, the gin and the famous Menorcan abarcas, very comfortable and typical leather sandals made here.


Ibiza and Formentera are popularly known as the Pitiusas Islands. Ibiza, with an uncontested worldwide partying trademark for its clubs and parties, is also entitled when it comes to the quality of its beaches and the scenery offered by white buildings that in harmony create the characteristic image of Ibiza.

Surrounded by magnificent sunsets from every angle, Ibiza capital and Sant Antoni are the two main cities on the island concentrating the unique night time atmosphere and the supreme partying.


Mallorca, Menorca and Ibiza have their own airport, but Formentera does not.

Formentera is the most virgin island of all, and therefore, the closest to being Paradise. We must use a boat to access the island and it will take us from 30 to 60 minutes depending on the type of boat.

It is a very popular holiday destination among Italians but you will find tourists from all around the world. This is an island worthwhile discovering, a divine location where to spend a few days of unforgettable calmness.