Sant Antoni de Portmany
One of the finest sunsets ever!


A partying destination for young people

Sant Antoni is one of the most important towns in Ibiza and where the greatest concentration of tourism is to be found. Its harbour is second to the capital’s, Ibiza City. It is a large natural harbour located in its bay, which allows to reach the city from the sea.

Many young people choose this destination in the Balearic Islands (Spain) to experience a holiday mainly aimed to partying at its famous clubs and nightclubs.

How to get there

There are several ways to reach this beautiful place called San Antonio. Its harbour is near the city, so there is fast and easy access on foot to the city centre or your destination hotel, but you can also take a taxi or the public bus.

If you are arriving by plane, you can access the city from the airport by taking intercity bus line number 9; you can also take lines 3 and 8 from Ibiza City in order to cover the 15 kilometres in between.

What to see

Sant Antoni de Portmany is a city that attracts a myriad of tourists as a result of its charming landscapes and natural richness. If you are thinking about visiting, you cannot disregard any of the following places:

The Bay

As already mentioned above, San Antonio’s bay forges a vast harbour for hundreds of boats to moor. The town of Portmany goes back in time to when it was called Portus Magnum, reflecting the greatness and the astonishment overwhelming those discovering it in the early days of the town.

It is an ideal place to dock your boat and spend a few days on vacation. A promenade was built to run along the entire port and for you to enjoy today.

The sunset

Undoubtedly, San Antonio’s sunset is a pleasure you must experience during your stay here. It is one of the few cities on the coast, thus granting a unique opportunity to enjoy beautiful sunsets from the beach.

It is considered to be one of the most beautiful sunsets on the planet, as the stunning orange colour created in the sky shines while the sun sets over Conejera Island.

Ses coves blanques lighthouse

It is a lighthouse, nowadays out of use, built in the outskirts of town in order to safely guide the boats. With time, the lighthouse has been surrounded by the increasing influx of population, fading out distances and making the building part of the city.

Molí d'en Simó

It is an old mill whose two-floor construction is typical to the island, used in the past for storage and for housing. The twentieth century witnessed how local people grinded flour here and today, you can attend different workshops taking place in the old mill as it has become a cultural centre.

Wall paintings and graffiti

Urban art is another important feature of the streets of Sant Antoni, where numerous wall paintings and graffiti reflect the special and particular city trends.

Columbus’s Egg Monument

It is a recognizable sign of the city right at its entrance. It is a monument to that pays tribute to the discovery of America and remembers Colombus Ibizan origin.

Parish church

The urban centre has a church with a reinforced structure meant to cope with the continuous invasions and raiders. Sant Antoni has other places of worship such as a hermitage that has been turned into a restaurant now.

Fishermen’s huts

Considered as Cultural Tourist Interest Assets, they are found along the entire Ibizan coast. They are old constructions built with local materials and used by fishermen.

Cap Blanc Aquarium

This is a tourist attraction that will be the delight of the little ones. This aquarium was built in a natural marine cave and has a footbridge over the water from where you can observe the indigenous marine species.

What to do

In addition to the top-notch partying and the beaches, you can also enjoy hiking trails as a way to explore the city landscapes. There are also several cycling routes for biking lovers.

There is a wide range of water sports such as diving, kite surfing, sailing, jet skiing or kayaking and an endless number of marine activities. You can also choose to rent boats at the harbour.

Multiple excursions are organized to places of interest in the area, which will bring about the opportunity to learn more about the prominence of this part of the island while enjoying an active holiday.

Where to eat

You can discover new places through local gastronomy and the local restaurants. Here you can find typical Mallorcan food made with fresh products from the sea and the land, as well as other more international food.

In the city centre, in the West End, you will find many bars where you can taste delicious dishes. You will feel the vibe of an 'English' atmosphere as the calm reigns during the day, but this disappears at night when the pubs are full and the party begins.

Away from the centre, you will find restaurants where to enjoy typical dishes of the area such as coca, la borrida de rajada, el bullit de peix or fried octopus. An exquisite cuisine that offers a new experience through different  local recipes.

Where to lodge

If you want to stay in this city, there are many hotels and villas for you to choose from, but book your room early! Being a very touristic area, the diverse hotels are usually at the limit of their capacity, despite being the city with more hotels and hostels on the island. You can find hotels, apartments or all kind of accommodation at a very acceptable price.

If you look for a quiet vacation, you can pick a hotel away from the city, as in its most central area, the West End, the partying goes on all night and the noise will be an impediment.

If, on the other hand, you are looking for fun, it is more advisable that you look for a hotel near the city centre, although the distances are usually not too big.

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The city of San Antonio in Ibiza is known for the number of tourists who come eager to party by the sea. Partying is in fact the main activity here, so it is the sole purpose of many establishments.

Its most famous club is Café del Mar, a world-famous beach bar where a myriad of people gather to enjoy themselves. Other renowned clubs are Amnesia, Mambo and Savannah. Likewise, parties are held aboard luxurious boats. There are also many pubs in the West End area that are attended by smaller groups of people.

Different festivals are held throughout the year to attract a larger number of tourists.

Activities in Sant Antoni de Portmany

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