The land of great wines


This small mallorquin village is located in the central region of Mallorca,Spain, and is considered to be the capital of wine production of the Balearic islands. The history of traditions and it's wines make Binissalem one of the most picturesque villages of the island.

The villages’ vineyards attract many tourists, who come every year for their holidays.

How to get there

What to see

The wine region of Mallorca gathers some of the most beautiful villages of the island. Binissalem is a clear example of a traditional Mallorquin village, and its numerous charms situates the village as a “must see" place to visit. Some of the points of interest are:

Weekly market

Weekly market is one of the greatest attractions of the municipality to be enjoyed by both children and adults, held every Friday all year round, in the summer months there is also a nocturnal market with various interesting shows, such as music and dancing from all over the world, with the atmosphere of a mallorquin summer night,makes visiting the market an unforgettable experience.


If you do come to Binissalem, we recommend you visit some of the villages recognised wineries. There is a grand selection of wineries where you can participate in wine tasting. Some of the more important wineries of the municipality are: Ca’n Novell and Ana Vins. Enjoying the wines of the area is tempting any time of year, so your stay in Binissalem is a must.

The church square

It is the meeting point of the locals, its central and animated at any time of day. It's a picturesque place, featuring interesting statues distributed throughout the square, representing the production of wine, the main source of economy of the locality.

Church of Santa Maria Robines

This small church is of great interest, as it is a perfect example of Baroque style of the 18th century. It is the centre of the Catholic church, one of the most important of the municipality, and it's located at the church square which is very central and is very animated throughout the year. It is a place all tourists who visit the municipality should make time to contemplate.

What to do

Although the village has little over 8.000 inhabitants, there is no lack of activities to pass the time in the area, some of the popular activities amongst the tourists are:

Winery tour

An interesting activity to go on is a tour of the wine cellars and vineyards, where you can have wine tasting and enjoy remarkable wines. It is in Binissalem where the production of wine was re-established after the christians reconquered Mallorca and since the late 19th century the village has a vast winery tradition. Since 1991 the village of Binissalem and surrounding villages have a certificate of origin for their wines, which give a them great prestige throughout the Balearic islands and Spain. This is why winery tours are popular amongst the visitors of the village.


In Binissalem there are various shops where you can find memorabilia of your stay, as well as traditional products of the area, try their typical pastries, whilst visiting traditional shops will take you to the true Mediterranean Mallorca, for the more nostalgic of us, a walk down memory lane.


As the village his set inland, there are many trekking routes, many tourists stay around the coasts, it can be an interesting experience to go trekking and discover the hidden Mallorca, the route vary from across the planes to the mountains, where you can look at the views across the planes and whilst trekking in the mountains on can enjoy the beauty and ecological value of the Mediterranean forests.


Whilst there are interesting trekking routes, they can also be used for cycling. It's another way of discovering the area and enjoying the good weather, one can have a picnic halfway through a route and appreciate nature, it's a fun option for friends and family.

Where to eat

In Binissalem there is a vast selection of restaurants, catering to all tastes, from simple tapas bars to gourmet restaurants where one can savour the typical gastronomy of the area and the seasonal products accompanied by a glass of wine, a greatly recommended  experience.

Where to lodge

In Binissalem and surrounding areas there are friendly accommodations, cheap hotels and  rural hotels with lots of history, as well as modern boutique hotels for those tourists who are looking for the best commodities. Staying in Binissalem in any of their accommodations is an interesting way of discovering first-hand the culture of the area.

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In this mallorquín municipality there are mainly two events throughout the whole year:

The wine festival

It is held in the autumn, at the end of the grape harvest, and you will discover all sorts of shows, activities and includes launching of the grape with creates great expectation each year.

Stonemason demonstration

In Binissalem there is a grand tradition in this type of craftsmanship and the demonstrations usually take place during the month of May. The local sculptors show their creations and dexterity working the stone, creating the beautiful works of art. This event attracts many visitors and without doubt one of the more interesting events of the municipality.

Surrounding areas

Close to Binissalem there are some quaint villages like Alaro, famous It or it's trekking route to the castle where you can find the best views of the tramuntana. Take a visit to Consell’s second-hand market, held every Sunday to contemplate the magnificent atmosphere. Palma, Valldemossa and Sóller are other places not to be missed throughout your stay on the island.

Activities in Binissalem

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